Esperando al Gordo (Waiting for Gordo) is a short film written and directed by Alexandro Rodríguez (Academy Award Nominee editor of Children of Men and Y Tu Mamá También).

Shot on location in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, it features an exceptional cast: Joaquín Cosío (El Infierno, Quantum of Solace), Gerardo Taracena (Apocalypto, Man on Fire) and Erik Zavala.

Esperando al Gordo tells the story of Tláloc (Joaquín Cosío), an out of luck journalist, that has been threatened to death.

He asks two old friends, Arturo (Gerardo Taracena) a well to do shady lawyer, and Ernesto (Erik Zavala), a mysterious bachelor, to contact Gordo, an elusive acquaintance with contacts in the squalid and ruthless world of Mexican politics.

They meet at Ernesto’s house, a home where time stopped long ago. Aged furniture, old record player,  paintings from a long gone era.

The friends have not seen each other since their college days and the meeting feels awkward, Tláloc complaining about the apparent lack of interest of his friends for his ordeal.

As they wait for Gordo, tension rises as they recall a tragic incident from their past.